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** Make More Sales **
With Your Own Ezine!

Successful marketers know that if you want to sell online, your primary focus must be on MARKETING & PROMOTION!

Having a great product and a great web site simply is not enough. You need to make contact with people. They need to know who you are, what you have, and how you can help them.

And, Email Marketing is one very important way to make direct contact with people. When you take an email, add meaningful content, jazz it up, put structure to it, target it to a niche market and send it out at regular intervals, you have an ezine, an electronic newsletter, that you can use to market to a list of subscribers over and over.

Publishing your own ezine is one of
the best email marketing methods for marketing
and promoting your products on the internet.

Here at MyOwnEzine.com you will find the advice, resources, support, and tools you need to create and publish your own ezine.

To be a success online, however, requires more than just sending out an ezine every week. There is a LOT to learn and to do. That is why MyOwnEzine.com is also going to help you with tips, articles, and resources for the four major aspects of building your internet business:

    1. Starting & Running An Online Business
    2. Finding Products to Sell
    3. Designing A Web Site
    4. Marketing Your Products Online

Feel free to browse this site and take advantage of all the resources, tips and tools available.

Thank you for stopping by.

Stan Smith,
Publisher of MyOwnEzine.com.

(P.S. Check out the FREE Articles for use on your ezine or web site on our Free Articles Page.)

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